World-class Executive and Media Coaching

Joanne Zorian coaches corporate executives and media personalities speaking at live events to audiences large and small.

Coaching techniques include:

  • Main Stage Conference Presentation
    This intensive speaker training prepares presenters to work with scripted and formatted shows on the bigger stage. More...
  • Conquering Stage Fright
    This session uses practical and effective methods for you to take control and communicate with confidence. More...
  • Business One to One
    Bespoke executive coaching sessions More...


Joanne Zorian recently spoke on BBC Radio 5’s Nicky Campbell Show, discussing voice, accents and communication techniques.

This lady speaks a lot of sense.

- A panelist on the show.

Main Stage Conference Preparation

Polish Your Performance for the Corporate Theatre

sun or lge venue

Joanne Zorian at the O2 Arena

sun or lge venue

In the Spotlight: The Motor Show

For presentations in the round, on a revolve, at an open air venue, in a grand theatre or at a convention, Joanne Zorian Coaching provides practical guidance and support throughout rehearsals,
site familiarisation and performance.

Areas of Focus:

  • Owning the presentation and the performance space
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Conquering stage nerves to perform with assurance
  • Using meaningful gesture and posture
  • Speaking with a clear, lively and authoritative voice
  • Reading from the teleprompt
  • Learning to enjoy the event.

For further information, Contact Joanne Zorian

Executives and celebrities say:

Thank you for an outstanding job . . .

– Coca Cola

The on-stage message was the very core of the event. Our work together made a huge difference. Thank you for your most valuable contribution.

– Mazda Motor Group

Our executives unquestionably benefited from her coaching and I appreciated her dedication to the job.

– Barclays Bank

Conquering Stage Fright

With insight into the causes and effects of nervous energy and stage fright, this session uses practical and effective methods for you to take control and communicate with confidence.

Royal Festival Hall thumbnail

Theatre: Owning the Space

Standing in the spotlight can make even the most confident tremble and shake - here is the way to conquer those nerves.

Areas of Focus:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing exercises
  • Visualisation and positive programming
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • A personalised preparation programme.

For further information, Contact Joanne Zorian

Conquering Stage Fright participants say:

I remembered what you said and I did really enjoy the experience. The coaching definitely helped a lot!

– Executive Director, Royal Bank of Scotland

I did actually enjoy myself that day. Jo Zorian made all the difference.

– Legal Dept.Yell

The speech went very well indeed. Thank you for you help and advice. It certainly helped me conquer one of my biggest fears – speaking in public.

– The Best Man!

Business One to One:

Presentation and Communication Skills Review

Royal Festival Hall thumbnail

One to One Business Review

Bespoke executive coaching sessions that reflect the needs of the client, providing opportunities to explore and develop presentation strengths and weaknesses in complete confidence.

paralympics photo and text here

Content includes:

  • Review and practise of core presentation skills
  • Strategies to overcome performance nerves
  • Creating a presentation with impact
  • Building audience rapport through sense awareness
  • Improve vocal delivery and physical communication
  • Mindset preparation for interview.

For further information, Contact Joanne Zorian

One to One Participants say:

Many thanks for your exce;;ent coaching and support. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will take a lot out of it for future events too. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again soon.

– Executive Director, Barclays Bank

Thank you for coaching me. It went well. This would not have been possible without your hard work.

– Senior Consultant, The Priory

Je garde un trés bon souvenir d’apres-midi passée ensemble.

– Director, Equant France

You gave me the confidence to give it my best shot and being accepted by Oxford University shows that I did just that!

– The Student

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